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Tree Removal 

Tree Service Fresno California

Tree removal is our specialty.  Whether it’s a difficult, technical job or a simple straightforward removal, we prioritize safety, speed, and of course, value.  Our professional Fresno Tree Removal Staff will work quickly, pick after ourselves (not always the case with smaller companies who are in a rush to get to the next job).  We can handle all jobs – from single trees, including palms, to entire orchards and other major residential/corporate developments in Fresno.  Reach out to see the Cut It Right difference!

Tree Care

Fresno Tree Service

We can also handle any other kind of specialized tree care need you may have.  As an industry leader, we look to make what most people doing their own tree service work in Fresno regard as a tedious task, easier.  Our equipment is always current and maintained to the highest professional standard.  Nothing old and rusty should end up being used in work that could either hurt you or perform a substandard job.  Go to work in Fresno with the very best in Tree Service expertise and equipment.

Tree Trimming 

Tree Removal Fresno

Tree trimming is an important part of maintaining safe, beautiful spaces.  Whether big or small branches, pruning, trimming back, or just making an area look clean – our guys can handle it all.  Have your trees and other arbor features impeccably clean, with artistic trimming upkeep that is sure to impress any guest!  Beautifying your home with regular tree trimming in Fresno not only impresses guests and contributes to a safer environment for families and businesses, it also creates a beautifully relaxing zen environment for you when you get home!

Stump Grinding

Fresno Tree Removal

Time to finally get rid of that old stump in the yard?  We have the equipment necessary to handle it all.  We first remove the stump, then grind it after trimming or removing your tree.  We’ve removed many, many tree stumps throughout Fresno over the years.  No job is too big, no stump is too deeply rooted – and we offer the best value!  Get a free estimate to find our why we are the best Tree Service in Fresno!

Fresno CA Tree Service


Here at Cut It Right Tree Service, we value local relationships and have over 40 years of combined experience serving the local Fresno community. We have invested in the most advanced equipment available, and our professionally trained staff of experts and journeymen execute top-of-the-line work at affordable prices.  There is no job too big or too small and safety is our number one priority.  Reach out and get a free quote today to see the difference when you Cut It Right!

As a leading Tree Service Company in Fresno, we always focus on offering the highest quality of service possible.  We work constantly to establish long term client relationships with businesses and residences throughout Fresno – they are our most important asset!  We welcome feedback on any matter and are always happy to go the extra mile for our Fresno Tree Service clients.

We provide the highest quality tree service and tree removal in Fresno CA. If you're looking fo ra great company to give you a great price, call Cut it Right at 559-320-7723 for a free estimate today!


Dependability – Getting Tree Removal in Fresno can be major and costly undertaking, and you need to realize that you're managing a truly respectable organization that just does the highest caliber of work. Here at Cut it Right Tree Service, we need you to realize that we are a company you can depend on to take care of business right the first run through. Our expert work groups will deal with your material issue beginning to end. 

On Time – Another difficulty that surfaces when you are working with most organizations is that scarcely any of them actually arrive as expected. Being dependable is an extremely large piece of working together the correct way, especially with Tree Service In Fresno. Arriving ahead of schedule as well as completing the venture prior to the cutoff time. 

Experience – We have been Tree Service and Tree Removal in Fresno for quite some time at this point, and that has permitted us to acquire the vital insight to dominate our competition. One thing that you will find distinctive with others is that they intermittently do not have the essential experience. Since we have been doing this for a long time, you will realize that we have had that chance to truly work out the wrinkles in our range of abilities, leaving basically no space for blunder. 

Affordable Tree Service - Cut it Right offers probably the best rates for tree removal and service around. We try to value our services in like manner to coordinate the quality that we give, yet additionally comprehend that individuals need something that is reasonable. We don't have the least expensive costs around, yet we don't charge far too much. At the point when you go with our tree removal service, you'll comprehend that we really give more quality than what you are paying for. That is one reason that makes us the best and most reliable tree specialist organization's in the Fresno market. 

Safety - us having our doors open for over 15 years has been on the grounds that we are so traditionalist and protected with the manner in which we practice tree service. We invest in industry leading high quality machinery and hardware to ensure that not a solitary one of our group individuals or your property gets harmed during the time spent doing Tree Service and Tree removal here in Fresno CA. 



One thing that Tree Removal in Fresno is going to do is boos the aesthetic appeal of your yard. There is nothing worse than having a bunch of ugly unnecessary trees cluttering up your yard. When you get your trees removed in your Fresno neighborhood all of your neighbors are going to be jealous. When your yard is full of ugly dead trees it does not make your property look good. It will also clear up space for a good view point if you live in a nice area. Once you’ve removed the unnecessary trees, tree service and tree trimming in Fresno CA will help boost the look even more. When you clean up all the dead and loose branches from your existing trees they will look nice and taken care of. It always looks better when someone’s trees are well maintained. If improve your property by removing some of the trees and trimming the good ones, you’ll get so many compliments on your new yard. If you’re looking for a Fresno Tree Service company to come and clean up your yard, you’ve found the right one. Just give us a call at 559-320-7723 and we’ll give you a free estimate. 

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Yes this is very true. Trees in a residential area can be a huge liability of not taken care of properly. Sometimes a property will have way too many trees and some of those may be in the wrong spot where they are a hazard for falling on the house. A huge wind storm could come in blow a huge tree over causing it to land on your roof and cave in your garage. This actually happens quite often in areas that are prone to high wind and frequent storms. The same goes large tree limbs that need to be kept up on. You want to make sure that you are trimming trees regularly because they can’t get to heavy, break, and fall on your house or roofing leaving a lot of damage. If you would like someone to come take a look at your trees to see what needs to be removed and trimmed to make sure your property is safe give us a call!